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Welcome to the world of fantasy!
As well as being a graphic designer I am an author as well. All of my books are available in print and digital format. Digital books can be viewed on any mobile device as well as PC or Mac. My books are also available for direct download through Apple's iBookstore or they can be downloaded onto any Android device. I have also included a free sample of each book for download.

The Slayer Series
The Slayer Series - Book I - Dragons Plight
The Slayer Series - Book II - Town Shadows
The Slayer Series - Book II - Kingdoms Peril
Book I - Dragons Plight
Book II - Town Shadows
Book III - Kingdoms Peril

Heritage Lost
Heritage Lost - Book I - Identity
Heritage Lost - Book II - Lineage
Heritage Lost - Book III - Destiny
Book I - Identity
Book II - Lineage
Book III - Destiny

Dark Descent
Dark Descent - Book I - Seeds of Virtue
Dark Descent - Book II - Seeds of Doubt
Book I - Seeds of Virtue
Book II - Seeds of Doubt
Book III - Seeds of Malice
Coming December 2014!